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With the manure tanks and slurry injectors, Veenhuis contributes to making agriculture more sustainable and closing an efficient soil-plant-animal cycle. Because the nutrients from the animal manure are available to the crop as much as possible, an optimal yield is achieved with minimal input of chemical fertilizer.

Veenhuis tanks

“Veenhuis has a real contractor tank. A machine that has to work when you have to go on the field.  In the Netherlands, the period for manure application is getting shorter and shorter, so capacity is very important.”

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“Veenhuis is a good partner for us in precision farming. You can really say that they understand the agricultural profession.”

Richard Wijntjes

Loonbedrijf Vink

“We tackle things together and that makes the collaboration successful. Veenhuis is a company that has remained normal and does not blow high.”

Theo van de Laar

Buts Meulepas

“The Italian market chooses Veenhuis machines because the new generation of farmers and contractors understands the value of organic manure and uses it efficiently. This saves a lot on chemical fertilizer.”

Andrea Luca Pinciroli

Agritec sarl

SVgroup arose in 2019 from the company merger between Schuitemaker and Veenhuis. With two strong brands, international agricultural solutions are offered in the segments feeding, forage harvesting and manure application. In addition, Schuitemaker offers winter service solutions for the winter maintenance for the Dutch market.
Together we guarantee mastery.

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